Before and After

After you have examined all the options available to you to melt away the stubborn unwanted fat under your chin (double chin) and have decided to go ahead with Kybella. It is only natural to have questions, not only about the treatment, but also what can you expect both during and especially after the treatment. Don’t worry the treatment itself has very little discomfort. The discomfort is concentrated in the injection site area and is due to the series of little injections you will receive throughout the treatment. There a few different ways to alleviate this discomfort. A topical numbing cream can be placed on the skin before the injections begin. In some cases lidocaine injections are also useful to numb the area and take away the pain.

While you may be given twelve to twenty injections in one session, the needle is a very small one. Some patients report a tingling, stinging or a mild burning sensation from the injections, in this case an ice pack or cold gel pack placed directly on the treatment area can help to alleviate the burning sensation. The process should take no more than twenty to thirty minutes.

A common complaint from patients after the treatment is bruising and swelling. The swelling is a normal part of the healing process as the body makes the necessary adjustment to clear away all the unnecessary cellular debris after the treatment. The bruising is as a result of the injections administered. In both cases, the swelling and the bruising are only temporary side effects and they usually pass within a couple of days and are no longer visible by the next treatment session.

No systemic adverse effects have been reported with the Kybella treatment. The more serious side effects occur when the treatment is not administered properly or the injection is done incorrectly. It is important to see a licensed health provider or Doctor to ensure the treatment is done properly.

Many patients are able to see a difference in the appearance of their chin in as little as two to four sessions of the Kybella treatment. After the treatment is complete, patients have expressed satisfaction with the outcome and are pleased by the change in appearance of the chin and face. They feel less self conscious and less embarrassed. They also feel less overweight as a result of the changes and younger and happier after all the unwanted submental fat in the chin has been reduced as the fat cells have been permanently destroyed.


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