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For many years the problem of unwanted fat under the chin area, commonly referred to as double chin has continued to be a problem that seemed insurmountable. Several different treatment options were readily available and ran the gamut from, diet and exercise to more extreme remedies such as liposuction or surgery. While diet and exercise are always a welcome part of any healthy lifestyle and can work wonders, but just how long do you have to diet and how many exercises can you do to effectively get rid of a nasty double chin.

Lets face it a double chin is very unattractive and never a welcome feature on any face, but for the majority, surgery and liposuction though effective, has its own sets of factors to deal with such as bruising , swelling, pain and discomfort as well as the long time needed afterwards for full recovery and all the other risks associated with surgery.

For many years those in the industry and the public at large have heard stories, anecdotes and even seen firsthand the results that were achieved using deoxycholic acid. However the treatment lacked the research needed and was therefore not approved by the FDA. When the studies and research necessary to validate ATX-101 as an effective treatment for double chin was finally done and the results published. The Double Chin injection Kybella was approved by the FDA and is now available to reduce the appearance of submental fat in the chin area called double chin.

More than twenty clinical studies have now been done with the figures growing rapidly as more studies are completed and more research data become available. It is part of a global clinical development that has involved more than 2600 patients worldwide as a part of its international focus and more than 1600 subjects have received the Kybella treatment with no adverse systemic events reported.

Kybella previously known as ATX-101 is an injectable treatment that requires a prescription. It has been approved by the FDA to be used on adults to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe unwanted submental fat below the chin commonly referred to as a double chin or turkey neck. It is used to improve the profile or general appearance of the area just below the chin. It is intended for use in adults, that is anyone over the age of 18 years old and is intended for use in the submental fat area.


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