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A double chin is not a pleasant or welcome feature for anyone man or woman. It is a roll of fat that can be found under the chin. The fat that is present in a double chin is what is called submental fat. The deposit of fat just below the chin gives the individual the appearance of having two chins and that’s where the common name, double chin comes from. The situation can become worse if the fat stays too long and allows the skin to become stretched out lose its firm taut look. The sagging and drooping below the chin is what is commonly referred to as a turkey neck.

There are many different causes of double chin none of them make it easier to accept or to live with. The chin because of its placement on the body is not the easiest area to exercise. They are very difficult to get rid of and can resist even the most robust weight loss programs. The problem can affect anyone, male or female and is not limited to a certain age or ethnic group. This makes it a widespread and common problem for many. Many people think that a double chin can only affect individuals who are overweight but that is not necessarily so.

A double chin can make you feel old and unattractive. It is important to know and understand some of the causes of a double chin so that you can address the issues where possible and prevent the return of it.

Causes of Double Chin

There are several factors that could be the cause of your double chin:

  • Genetics
  •  Age
  •  Overweight
  •  As with most of our physical traits, genetics could be the one to blame for that double chin. Hereditary factors influence your hair and eye color and also your chin. There may be other members of your family that possess that same double chin. Genetics influence factors such as water retention and fat storage that can both contribute to double chin. A family history of poor diet can also contribute to a double chin. If this is the case lifestyle choices and diet becomes even more important.
  •  A normal part of aging is that you lose your firm taut skin. Aging can cause loosening of the muscles in your chin as your skin loses some of its elasticity, yes there are muscles in your chin.
  •  Excess body fat caused by being overweight can result in a double chin.
  • So what can be done about a double chin. Before the latest new developments in the industry, the options available to get rid of unwanted fat and double chin were liposuction or surgery. These options had their own risk factors that caused many people to avoid them. Thankfully a double chin injection called Kybella is now available and approved by the FDA.


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