Before and After

Since the FDA approved the use of Kybella in 2015 as a valid treatment for reducing, melting, dissolving, blasting away, (the verbs keep coming), unwanted submental fat, there have been many questions asked by curious onlookers, those in interested in the treatment and the public at large. Most people people are curious to know what exactly is Kybella and how does it work.

This latest innovation has opened up a new world to many and a new set of prospects, who now are ready for the first time to rid themselves of their double chin. For years people have been concerned about their appearance, but for many, the idea of surgery or even liposuction or Botox was not that appealing. This is because for the first time there is a medically sound, FDA approved, non- surgical option that doesn’t include Botox, option for getting rid of stubborn, double chin fat.

A more natural option that utilizes a substance that’s already present in the body was definitely, infinitely more appealing and therefore welcome. Kybella mimics and is therefore very similar to the natural fat absorbing molecules found in the body. These molecules metabolize or eat the dietary fat in our bodies. The drug Kybella was created by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals.

How does it reduce fat

Even though it has been said to melt away the fat what it actually does is to disrupt the membrane surrounding the fat cell in essence destroying it. This is a process called lysis. It is very similar to bursting a bubble or a balloon, after it is burst, its contents will be released and no longer trapped, so that the body can carry out its normal function and metabolize the fat. It is natural to wonder what exactly happens after the fat is dissolved and will they come back or start to store fat again? Once those fat cells are destroyed the fat cells can no longer store or accumulate fat.

What happens after the treatment

There is usually some tenderness, swelling and bruising that will linger for a few days after the treatment. This occurs because the body is adjusting and healing itself, clearing out all the no longer necessary cellular debris as it contracts and tightens the area beneath the chin. The process and the road to recovery is a short one in comparison to the long recovery time needed for liposuction or surgery.


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