Before and After

One of the most exciting innovations in the cosmetic and healthcare industry is the answer to achieving a more chiselled, firmer, younger looking chin, Kybella. Before this new therapy the only alternative for those who suffered the agony of a double chin was surgery with anesthesia and all that entailed. So this trendsetting, nonsurgical option was welcomed as the greatest thing since perhaps Botox. As a matter of fact, industry experts have already started calling it Botox in a syringe. It is the first of its kind, an FDA approved treatment designed to break down and ultimately dissolve the stubborn rolls of fat under the neck the double chin.

What’s so great about Kybella is that it is a treatment that utilizes naturally occurring fat absorbing elements present in the human body. It works by dissolving and destroying the unwanted submental fat cells lodged under the chin. After the treatment, Patients can expect to see and feel not only a physical improvement, but also look and feel great. The skin under the chin will look and feel firmer, and tighter with a more taut jawline and chin.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid that’s administered through a series of injections and a little goes a long way. For those who are traditionally afraid of injections and may be intimidated or worried, there really is no need. The therapy lasts for about twenty minutes and will consist of twelve to twenty not exceeding a maximum of fifty small injections each visit administered in two to six treatments that will be spaced in intervals of about one month apart to give the injections time to work and achieve the maximum results.

The big difference between Kybella and other traditional treatments such as Botox, is that the results can be seen in just 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment and can last for not just six months but for years. The only adverse effects reported, are irritations such as bruising and swelling at the injection site and these fade within a few days.

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