Before and After

If you are considering the differences or advantages of Liposuction versus Kybella here is some useful information to bear in  mind when comparing the two choices.  Admittedly,  it is a strange choice and similar to comparing apples and oranges as the two procedures are as different as night and day. Because the options can be used to address the same problem, how to get rid of a double chin,  it is natural to compare the two. To make an informed decision as to  which treatment option may be best for you it is best to have all the facts.


  • Liposuction surgery usually takes place in one session consultation and the procedure take only a single visit.
  • Liposuction surgery can last for 30 mins not including prep time.
  • Liposuction is an invasive procedure.
  • It has all of the risks associated with traditional liposuction and surgery.
  • There is a much longer time needed for recovery after liposuction and the recuperation period is much more difficult.
  • Time off may be needed and there may be a delay in carrying out some normal everyday activities.
  • In terms of Price Liposuction may be just a bit less expensive as it takes less time and is usually a one time procedure.
  • Liposuction may be the best alternative for you if you have a double chin and a lot of loose skin.
  • The process is not an all natural procedure.


  • Kybella treatments are usually spaced out over several sessions that can take a few months as each session is at least a month apart.
  • The procedure is quick and can be performed in as little as fifteen to
  • twenty minutes.
  • Kybella is a non surgical, non invasive treatment option.
  • It is less traumatic as there is no suction or removal of fat from the body
  • There is very little down time needed after each Kybella treatment session. The most common complaints have to do with swelling, bruising and general discomfort around the injection site.
  •  You are able to immediately resume your normal routine and no time off is needed.
  • Kybella may work out to be just a little more expensive than liposuction. The cost factor is ultimately dependent on how many sessions you will need.
  • Kybella is most effective in removing excess fat in double chin.
  • The process takes advantage of the body’s own fat absorbing process replicated in Kybella. After the injection your body does the rest of the work.


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