Before and After

Those of you who suffer from a double chin now have an alternative to surgery in Kybella, the noninvasive, double chin treatment for the reduction of unwanted submental fat in the chin. It offers a valid and effective alternative to other treatments such as liposuction or surgery. Most of you already know about Lipo so the big question is, are the results from Kybella permanent. The important thing to do is to first of all carry out your necessary checks to ensure that the technician carrying out your treatment is experienced a and qualified to do so. Secondly, it is important to complete the set of treatments necessary to ensure you can enjoy maximum permanent results.

Kybella is a patented form of the fat absorbing substance found in the body. It works by melting away the fat cells in the chin. What it actually does is to destroy the membrane of the fat cell which causes the cell to break down. The cells can then release their fat content and the body can metabolize the fat. This process is a permanent one, once the cells have been destroyed, they cannot reconstitute or reconstruct themselves to store fat. They can never again store fat cells.

After the treatment you will be able to see a clear difference in the contour of your neck as it will have a sleeker, firmer, more taut appearance. These results are permanent. It is true that Kybella is a new drug and so there is not as much long term information available on its track record over five years. However the studies that have been done and those underway show that the results obtained have continued for up to four years. This is definitely good news for those who are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of their double chin.

Slight to moderate weight gain should not dramatically affect the results obtained from the Kybella treatment. However, if there is significant weight gain it could undo some of the excellent benefits obtained from the treatment. The treatment does not remove all the fat cells in the chin, as of course some will have to remain. Excessive weight gain can cause those fat cells that remain to store more fat and grow in size and appearance and add to the fullness in the chin area. However the changes would be slight and definitely not as dramatic as before as there would be significantly less fat cells now present in the chin as the rest were permanently destroyed. So we can comfortably say that the results from Kybella are permanent and should last a lifetime.


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