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I was so excited when I discovered there is a non-surgical treatment for my double chin! I was even more excited when I found out during my consultation that I could have my treatment the same day! My treatment took about 15 mins and was for the most part comfortable. Dr. De La Vega was very gentle. I experienced some mild stinging for about an hour. I used ice and felt fine that evening. There was some swelling the next day but I wore a scarf, I had my treatment done on a Tue and attended an event on Friday and no one knew. It’s been 3 months since my treatment and I love my results!



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What is Kybella?

Kybella previously known as ATX-101 is an injectable treatment that requires a prescription. It has been approved by the FDA to be used on adults to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe unwanted submental fat below the chin commonly referred to as a double chin or turkey neck.

How does it Work?

Even though it has been said to melt away the fat what it actually does is to disrupt the membrane surrounding the fat cell in essence destroying it. This is a process called lysis. It is very similar to bursting a bubble or a balloon, after it is burst, its contents will be released

How Is The Procedure Performed?

Kybella is an injection. The injection is administered directly into the submental fat which is found just beneath the skin in the area under the chin to reduce the fat deposits that cause double chin. The injection requires a prescription and must be administered by a licensed

What to Expect After Treatment?

Many patients are able to see a difference in the appearance of their chin in as little as two to four sessions of the Kybella treatment. After the treatment is complete, patients have expressed satisfaction with the outcome and are pleased by the change in appearance of the chin and face.

Are the Results Permanent?

Slight to moderate weight gain should not dramatically affect the results obtained from the Kybella treatment. However, if there is significant weight gain it could undo some of the excellent benefits obtained from the treatment. The treatment does not remove all the fat cells in the chin,

Other Non Surgical Treatment for Double Chin

At Eternamd we do offer another non-surgical alternative for the treatment of submental fat ( Double Chin). This alternative is an injectable medication which is composed of Deoxycholic acid and Phosphatidylcholine. Deoxycholic acid is a generic form of Kybella .

Meet the Facial Rejuvenation Specialist
Dr Mara De La Vega

Dr. Mara De La Vega is a leading expert in the field of Aesthetics. She is mainly known for custom design treatment plans for improving wrinkles, acne, and sun damage. All of her  skincare and facial rejuvenation services are provided onsite at EternaMD.  Dr. De La Vega has her Board Certification and Medical Degree in Family Practice since 1995 but has specialized in skin for more than ten years. She also has the distinction to be a Graduate with Certification from The Aesthetics Ageless Institute.

Her training and experience in Cosmetic and Aesthetics include procedures and services for  Injectables and Fillers , PRP Therapy , Laser Skin Resurfacing, Fat Transfer, Plasma Fillers, and IPL/BBL as well as her Signature Skincare Regimen.